Research HQ. Insights backed by data 

At Research HQ, we partner with our clients to identify challenges, design effective solutions, execute research methodologies, and provide actionable insights backed by data that matters. 

Our research solutions bring an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviours, attitudes, lifestyles, trends, content and media habits, with insights that resonate. 

We undertake both qualitative and quantitative research studies. Our services include consultation, project management, panel recruitment, designing research instruments, moderation, translation services, data collection, analysis, reporting and presenting recommendations.

Our range of research methodologies include online survey, focus group discussions, interviews, A/B testing, concept testing, packaging testing, mystery shopping, consumer profiling and more.

Our proprietary market research and insights panel gives you access to a representation of consumers across the country, ranging in age, gender, ethnicity, demography and years lived in Canada.   

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