This past weekend MD Foundation had the pleasure of kicking off Chinese New Year celebrations at First Markham Place (and what a celebration it was indeed!) The two-day event saw everything from great entertainment to free giveaways to food sampling to face-painting and more.

We had over ten thousand people attend the event over January 30th and 31st and by the end of it, not a single product sample remained. At times, I’d look over at the Bugles/Yop/Fruit by the Foot booth and temptations ran high! Seriously, just look at all that deliciousness!


Kids and adults alike lined up at the Windex/RTT booth and spun until they won something; in the spirit of joyful celebrations, no one left empty-handed!


The harsh, cold weather had nothing on dry skin thanks to our friends at Aveeno who gave away samples of their extensive line of face and skincare products. Take THAT Winter 2016!


To keep the Chinese New Year spirit high, Wanchai Ferry handed out samples of new Crystal Tangyuan desserts (purple potato flavoured) which are now available at Walmart and FreshCo. You can imagine the lineup for this booth.


No celebration can be deemed complete without performances; lo and behold we had more than a couple! Cherrie Sisters, Laurence Lau & Students, The Funnels, Pik Sai Mak and a number of other artists captivated the crowd and left everyone feeling festive and cheerful!




Events like these make me feel rich, not because I’m surrounded by giveaways (don’t judge, who doesn’t love free stuff?!) but because I get to interact with people from different walks of life, learn something new about someone else?s culture and take in the sights, sounds and tastes that make up a truly diverse Canada.

Missed out on this awesome event? Fear not! We’ll take care of that FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out – in case you’re missing out..) feeling with event photos available at

Want a little more than photos? Check out our event coverage airing on Fairchild TV1 on February 7th at 7:40PM for event snippets.