You probably have already heard of WeChat, whether on the news or from a friend, this dominate “Super APP” in China is a collective app with the functions of all social and personal finance apps combined.

With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google blocked in China. It was designed primarily to be a personalized social app for everyday use. Today, WeChat has grown to become an integral part of every aspect of the user’s life, from young to old, urban to rural and across all cities and industries.

WeChat currently has over 1 billion daily active users and over 1 million in Canada alone. With over 2 million Chinese Canadians living in Canada, most of them first generation (meaning they were not born in Canada) with approx. half of them speaking Mandarin and read Simplified Chinese (the only language WeChat operates on) that means virtually every Mainland Chinese Canadian with a smartphone uses WeChat.

For these users, to have all of their friends and family in Canada and back home connected in one place, as well as news, information and practically everything they need to do, including paying for things, all in their primary language is essential part of their day-to-day activities – especially while they learn about and work on becoming accustomed to their new life, and language.

The primary functions of WeChat include text and voice messaging, video and voice chat, file programs (such as games and e-commerce), WeChat Moments (which is similar to Instagram or Facebook Stories) as well as WeChat Pay, a banking function connected to their Chinese Bank account to transfer money, pay bills and shop for anything from a Slurpee to a Porsche. The only limits are the funds available.


For brands, whether promoting through Publisher accounts or creating a WeChat Official account to build followers through posts, articles and mini programs, WeChat is a powerful marketing tool to connect with this demographic where they are most comfortable and responsive.

Some interesting WeChat facts:

– WeChat is the 5th most used app in the world. (Business of
– 60% of WeChat users are on the app more than 10 times a day. (Tencent)
– 1% of users follow WeChat account to get information and 36.9% users follow to complement their lifestyle needs. (TechNode)
– Average user interacts with four mini programs daily. (Business of
– Average user has 194 contacts as of 2016. (Business of

Now, Why does WeChat matter to Canadian companies?

For Canadian brands who are looking to connect to the Chinese Canadian community and build organic growth, WeChat is the perfect tool to tap into the tremendous buying power. Many Canadian pioneers that are already on WeChat include Destination Canada, H&M, Holt Renfrew, BMW Canada, Buick Canada, Telus and the list continues to grow.

If you think WeChat might be right for your brand let Maple Diversity Communications show you how it could.