Ramadan is the most significant and celebrated month for Muslims. A month of fasting and charity. This year, Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, begins around April 23rd with the sighting of a new crescent moon. Muslims all over the world greet one another by wishing ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ (‘have a blessed Ramadan’) or ‘Ramadan Kareem’, which roughly translates as ‘may Ramadan be generous to you’.

Muslims begin this blessed month by fasting from sunrise until sunset, with a belief that this purifies oneself and helps practice self control. Ramadan is also about spending time with family and practicing forgiveness. At sunset, the time of ‘breaking the fast’, family members and loved ones come together to enjoy a variety of delicacies.

Upon the completion of this month-long fasting Muslims then observe Eid-al-Fitr, a celebration of the end of Ramadan, which lasts one to three days.

Currently, there are over 1.2 million Muslims in Canada and the population is increasing roughly by 13% annually. Muslims in Canada are very diverse, with 37% South Asian descent, 21% Arab descent, 14% West Indian descent, and the remaining 28% made up of multiple other ethnicities such as African and Chinese.

Ramadan is a strong opportunity for many brands to create awareness and connect to this fast growing segment on an emotive level.

Maple Diversity has worked with several brands during Ramadan with great success.

Betty Crocker


Betty Crocker’s “30 Cakes for 30 days” campaign was launched to increase awareness of Betty Crocker’s cake-mix brands among Muslim Canadians to drive brand awareness, trial, and purchase consideration during Ramadan. The marketing plan included Digital, Social and Grassroots activations. The campaign resulted in a significant lift in identified high-density Muslim neighborhood retail stores.

Zabiha Halal


Zabiha Halal’s “Enter-a-Contest to win a $10,000 trip with loved ones” campaign (a few years back) was to increase overall market share of Zabiha Halal chicken products within the Muslim community during Ramadan and Eid. This campaign led to the growth in overall market share and resulted in a significant increase in building brand loyalty and equity among the Muslim Community.



For Glentel, we planned a “Three Phase” campaign to acknowledge Muslim Canadians at their special time, and create an exclusive offer to drive traffic to their Tbooth Wireless & WirelessWave stores nationally during Ramadan and Eid. The marketing plan included digital, social, in-store POS & experiential. This led to a visible sales lift at their retail locations.

At Maple Diversity Communications, we help brands develop campaigns that respectfully appeal to ethnic groups to create a genuine connection for a lasting impression. If you are looking to connect your brand to your multicultural consumers contact us and we would be happy to help.