The Challenge

Increase brand awareness and sampling of Zabiha Halal chicken products within the Arab and South Asian Muslim community.

Insights & Strategy

Among South Asian and Arab Muslim consumers, families gathering and eating together is an integral part of the rituals and celebrations associated with Ramadan and Eid.

We decided to use these family gathering occasions to drive sampling of premium quality meats, focusing on convenience and health.

Ramadan and Eid were two periods identified to launch and build awareness and generate sampling opportunities.

Communication was designed to build on moments that help bring families together.


Campaign tactics included:

* Print, Radio, Digital, Social Media, PR and Influencer marketing
* A Grand Prize of $10,000 to visit family and loved ones
* Extensive use of social and digital media


* Urdu and Arabic language visuals in the right editorial environment created strong resonance.

* Campaign helped increase engagement with brand’s social media presence by over 450% and individual contest participation by over 85%.

* Brand registered significant lift in sales volume in pre-identified retailers in high-density ethnic neighbourhoods.

Creative Elements