The Challenge

Our client tasked our team to help increase Häagen-Dazs’ market share in the ice cream category with Canadian ethnic. Main campaign objectives were to:
– Increase brand affinity with ethnic Canadians and
– Drive and increase Häagen-Dazs sales in Greater Toronto Area & Greater Vancouver Area in high-density ethnic neighbourhoods.

Insights & Strategy

The fast-growing population of Chinese Canadians are twice as likely as other Canadians to consume ice cream on a regular basis and also have a greater appreciation for premium brands. 97% of Chinese Canadians have eaten hand-held ice creams (like cones, sandwiches or ice-cream-on-a-stick) in the last week.

Based on these insights, our strategy was to connect with this segment via grassroots sampling activities, digital and social media.


We connected with the Chinese community at a grassroots level, sampling and driving the brand experience for its luxurious and indulgent taste. The event was complemented by digital and social media to drive awareness and traffic to the activation event.


* More than 50,000 visitors to our booth.

* More than 35,000 coupons handed out.

* More than 40,000 samples distributed.

* More than 450 Instagram event posts and likes.

Creative Elements

Chinese Canadian Ethnic
Chinese Canadian Ethnic Campaign