Automobile Case Study



The Challenge

Insights & Strategy

* Luxury cars in Canada grew 13.2 % year over year, while the broader industry grew 6.7% over the same period reported by the Financial Post.

* Because of high Chinese import and luxury taxes, luxury cars cost up to 50% less in Canada.

* In 2015, registrations for cars valued at $150,000 or more numbered 2500, up from 1300 in 2009.

* Chinese and South Asian consumers are big consumers of luxury cars and often serve as opinion leaders for their families and friends in their home countries.

* The average Canadian Chinese and South Asian, consumes more than 3 hours of digital media daily. Almost three times more compared to the general population.

* Digital and Social Media were used as primary channels.

* Ads were advertised on high-traffic in-language websites (geo-targeted by interests, geography and demography).

* Creative development and languages included Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Hinglish.

* The campaign was a great success in driving both Chinese and South Asian consumers to the campaign landing pages, including direct contacts with the in-language PFAFF sales representatives, resulting in sales lead generation.

* 27% increase in impressions served compared to last year’s campaign.

* 127% increase in clicks to the campaign landing pages compared to last year’s campaign.

* CTR rates were 2x higher compared to last year’s campaign

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