Customers are the lifeblood of a brand. The more a brand is loved, the more successful it is. Connection is key. The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is an opportunity for brands to reach out to one of the fastest-growing multicultural groups in Canada and celebrate with the Chinese Canadian community.


If an event is important for your customer, it should be important for you. Let’s start with a quick quiz to see where you score in Mid-Autumn Festival knowledge:

1. When is the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated?

2. Who celebrates it?

3. How is it celebrated? What is an important symbol?

4. How can your brand be part of the festivities, in a meaningful, inclusive manner?

5. How can you continue to build on this relationship with your consumers?


The Autumn Moon Festival, like every Chinese festival, has 3 important components – food, family, and tradition.

This 3,000-year-old harvest festival honours the full moon, a symbol of reunion of family, of love, prosperity, fertility, and hope. As families gather for the reunion dinner, on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar, they give thanks for each other, their bountiful blessings, moon gaze, light lanterns, and recount traditional folklore where Chang’e the Moon Goddess and the Jade Rabbit come alive in the mystical shadows of the moon glow.

Which brings us to food, specifically, to a much-loved Moon Festival favourite – mooncakes! Round and delicious, they come in many fillings. Traditional centers are the much-loved salted egg yolk, red bean, lotus seed paste and green tea, and today you can find many new experimental fillings, even ice cream. Some are stamped with the flavour or with blessings. Mooncakes are sliced, shared, and enjoyed.

Chinese Canadians are tightly knit as a community and families believe strongly in passing down their traditions to the next generation even as they acculturate. Brands can leverage traditional celebratory elements and values, into festive communication, to resonate with their customers.


It is wonderful to see brands getting into the spirit of the festival, reaching out to their customers with greetings and offers.

J&J LISTERINE® took their Green Tea Zero Mouthwash to the Mid-Autumn celebrations. A familiar, much-loved flavour, it is the perfect way to finish off a great reunion dinner family get-together. The brand showcased a traditionally designed golden-brown mooncake, sliced for sharing, a smiling reminder of LISTERINE® freshness backed by essential oils and green tea extract, on digital and social.

ROYALE® celebrated with its new Paper Pack products. With a message of eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, it is the perfect fit for a festival that celebrates nature through the full moon. Showcased on the mooncake is the recycle symbol incorporated into the Chinese word for blessings. ROYALE® celebrated with wishes and savings, on digital banners, social media and print FSI.

The moon has always been very important to Chinese celebrations. From the hero New Year animals in the Lunar calendar, to the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrating a bountiful harvest thanksgiving, this symbol of togetherness has a message that truly resonates. It’s time for brands to listen and to celebrate reunion with their multicultural consumers. Get in touch with us at Maple Diversity to get started.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from the Maple Diversity family. May the glow of the full round moon, light your way to success.