The Lunar New Year of the Ox begins on February 12, 2021. It welcomes spring, symbolizing renewal and new beginnings.  

In keeping with the 12 Year Lunar Cycle, each year is represented by an animal. Many are happy to see the last of the Year of the Rat which heralded the pandemic in 2020. This year’s lunar animal is the Golden Ox, galloping in with the promise of the strength and the stability that we all whole-heartedly welcome and look forward to, the world over. 

In Canada, the Chinese community is one of the fastest-growing multicultural groups, bonded to their traditions even as they embrace Canadian ways and acculturate. The Lunar New Year is one of their most important festivals, as they welcome prosperity and good fortune. Families gather to welcome the New Year with house cleaning, traditional food, dress and auspicious décor. The coming together of families and friends for Lunar New Year celebrations resulted in the biggest global travel during this time, in past years. 

With pandemic safety measures and restrictions in place, this year the Lunar New Year will be different. Reunions of family and friends will have to be virtual. The huge spread of traditional food at sitdown dinners, will be smaller at home, and reduced to takeout at restaurants. The much lookedforward to exchange of red packets (Lai-See/Hong Bao), will be mostly virtual as well. 

What will not change however, is the essence of the Lunar New Year – the feeling of renewal and hope for a prosperous New Year, the celebration of family, and the passing down of traditions. Brands that value their customers have been reaching out to this audience to celebrate with them, with Lunar New Year wishes and gifts in the form of special offers.

ROYALE® – God of Fortune 

ROYALE® wished its customers the best in the New Year with a special offer on their best bath tissue ever – Velour Ultra Plush. The $2.88 savings offer on the FSI coupon highlighted the Chinese lucky number 8 (associated with wealth). The creative brought together the brand and the Lunar New Year, with the popular Money God floating among clouds of luxurious tissues, and spread warm wishes with digital banners, landing page, WeChat, and FSI with coupon. 


The Glenlivet – Happy Niu Year 

‘Niu’ means Ox in Mandarin. The Glenlivet wished its customers a Happy Niu Year, welcoming the strong, confident Ox, and encouraging its consumers to ‘Believe in yourself, challenge the obstacles, and make this your year’.? The social and digital banners clicked to purchase the brand on their retailer’s website. The Glenlivet thus positioned itself as the perfect partner for celebrating with, and gifting.

We also helped the Company’s Balance and Inclusiveness Committee celebrate the Lunar New Year together internally, with festive information eblasts, a quiz with prizes, a specially created Teams background, and a glimpse into how their colleagues celebrate their festival.


J&J Listerine – Red Packet 

After a Lunar New Year feast, what could be better than a refreshing mouthwash? Listerine’s digital banners with a traditional red packet wished customers a happy New Year with an offer on their Green Tea flavour mouth wash. The fresh green brand colours were complimented by the festive gold and red of Lunar New Year.


Glentel Year of the Ox Offers 

With in-person meeting and greeting not possible this year, wishing over the phone becomes even more special. Glentel’s $50 savings offer was welcomed by customers celebrating the Lunar New Year. 


The Maple Diversity family wishes you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous Lunar New Year of the Ox.