The Festival of Lights is celebrated with a lot of excitement by many in the South Asian community. The light of prosperity is welcomed by cleaning the home, decorating with rangoli (floor décor), torans (door garlands), khandeels (lanterns), string lights, and most importantly, the diya (earth lamp) which is the central symbol of Diwali.

This year the welcoming of the light of happiness is even more special with many struggling through the dark clouds of COVID-19. Diwali parties and gatherings will be low-key compared to previous years. The exchange of mithai (traditional sweets), and the shared enjoyment of Diwali feasts will also be restrained.

However, ‘light’ as a symbol of positive energy, healing, prosperity, and happiness, becomes a beacon to be celebrated even more in these dark times. Many have found much to be thankful for during this festive season, celebrating family togetherness, good health, and a wonderful country like Canada to be living in.

Many brands have stepped forward to celebrate the light with the community and spread awareness of Diwali to a larger audience in Canada, as a way to embrace diversity. Here are some Diwali campaigns we helped create, for our clients ROYALE®, AIR MILES, Mondelez, Glentel and CO-OP.  

ROYALE® helped spread the light to every room with Diwali savings offer on its products, answering the insight that the community cleans the home to welcome the light of prosperity. The campaign included digital banners, social media ads, tv spot end tag and an emotional radio spot that celebrated what is most valuable – good health and happiness. 

AIR MILES created a Facebook Group to celebrate Diwali with a 10-day ‘Festival of Rewards’ event, with daily prizes, guest hosts, tips and festive fun! The brand created excitement, engagement, and helped spread awareness about the celebration of this festival with themes around cleaning, making of snacks and sweets, décor, gifting and more.     

Mondelez online Diwali banners highlighted a South Asian favourite, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Oreo, leading to an online purchase platform with Diwali-themed images. The brands joined traditional mithai in the sweet celebration of the Festival of Lights. 

Glentel celebrated with an offer on new Fido and Rogers activations. Beautiful colourful rangoli designs and fireworks added to the vibrant, celebratory feel of the online banners and in-store POS, videos and mall signages. 

CO-OP (Federated Co-operatives Limited) offered savings on their range of ethnic products bringing the value to Diwali shopping, that their customers look for and appreciate. 

Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating the light of happiness! Wish you good health and prosperity, today and always.