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We’ve been seeing high interest from brand marketers in Canada wanting to venture into the ethnic marketing space and have started encouraging them to undertake cost effective campaigns. The objective would be to test strategy, gauge reach and results and integrate learnings into your 2017 marketing initiatives…. sounds interesting, doesn’t it?? 

Chinese New Year 2017 is a good time to embark on this initiative. Why so you may ask?  Because first of all, you may have the flexibility to allocate some budgets in the new year and second of all, you will get key insights early in the year (Jan) which could be integrated/budgeted for initiatives planned for the later part of the year, hence strategically aligned. Most importantly, this makes for a great business case as you can reach out to nearly 1.5 million Chinese Canadians that spend approx. 50 billion dollars annually.?

We are a full service agency and work with brands nationally. Most of our brands are tier-one and actively engaged, making ethnic marketing a part of their long-term brand marketing strategy. BELL, VIRGIN MOBILE, ROYALE, NESTLE, J&J, SC JOHNSON, GENERAL MILLS, EDWARD JONES, CANADIAN TIRE are a few of the brands we work with. Our work is driven highly by insights and information on the ethnicity breakdowns by region and neighborhoods, consumer behaviour and preferences, media consumption and spending habits and cultural nuances that exist besides other important variables which prove extremely valuable in targeting and execution.

Our clientele and industry awards testify to the benefits we bring to the table. Be it through an ethnic event sponsorship or an in-language media campaign, the team at Maple Diversity communications would be more than happy to add value and use our learnings to benefit your Chinese New Year campaign.

Please feel free to send me a quick email indicating interest and we can plan next steps as may be needed.

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Griffin Pereira
Director – Strategic Partnerships