Engage with your potential customers face-to-face with experiential events at a grassroots level!

We build custom brand experiences through our insights and understanding of our clients’ target audience to develop creative ideas and techniques to engage consumers with your brand through experiences. Our skilled experiential team develops and executes all types of grassroots events, at national and regional levels.

From sampling campaigns and activations to event & festival sponsorships, our team of event planners and promotional in-language brand ambassadors provide consumers with a positive experience and exciting engagements.

Did you know?
Our events team activates 25+ grassroots events each year across the country!

Our past grassroots event activations and sponsorship of ethnic events and festivals (Diwali, Chinese New Year, etc.) have been very successful in generating brand engagement, conversions and loyalty at a community level. For example, a recent event contributed to a 25% increase in product purchase conversion for our client.

We have created and executed event activations both at local and national levels for brands such as Nestlé, Bell Canada, General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, Royale, Edward Jones, ZEE TV, SONY and others. All our events are designed to engage with ethnic audiences at a grassroots level, while being scalable to other markets and locations.

Measure your experiential event’s success

At Maple Diversity, we believe that success is not success unless it can be measured. For each campaign, our clients get deliverables that can instantly be put into action.

Using coupons, handing out samples, contests or other types of call to action (or “CTA”), we design your event and offers to provide you with fresh leads that can be followed up immediately. The collected information can also be stored in a database for use by your customer relationship management (CRM) system and analyzed to provide insights for future events.

This “30 Cakes for 30 Days” celebrating Ramadan campaign is a great example of a grassroots event that laid the foundation for a loyal and engaged customer base for the Betty Crocker Brand.

Experiential Grassroots Events:

Haagen Dazs – Targeting Chinese Canadians
Pillsbury Kitchen Ke Kalakar – Targeting South Asian Canadians
Edward Jones – Targeting Chinese Canadians
Royale Chinese New Year – Targeting Chinese Canadians
Aveeno – Targeting Chinese & South Asian Canadians
Sony – Targeting South Asian Canadians
Zee TV – Targeting South Asian Canadians
Betty Crocker – Targeting Canadian Muslims
Quality Street Diwali – Targeting South Asian Canadians
Acuvue – Targeting Chinese Canadians
Neutrogena – Targeting Chinese Canadians

Visit our Multicultural Work page to know more about our Experiential Grassroots Events