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Winning with Ethnic Consumers

The Canadian multicultural market is growing and at a very fast pace! With over 300,000 new immigrants from diverse backgrounds coming to Canada and joining the economy each year, the ethnic markets now represent 22% of Canada’s total population. Businesses are now recognizing these opportunities but are finding it challenging to connect with them without an effective strategy and plan.

We, at Maple Diversity Communications, can help you navigate these waters and build a solid plan, backed by insights and strategy to drive brand awareness, trial, conversions and penetration amongst ethnic Canadian consumers.

Need more proof? Join us for a FREE Ethnic Summit Webinar on February 23rd at 11:45 am. Maple Diversity’s ethnic market experts and Nielsen’s Research team will be co-presenting ethnic insights that will include:

– Canada’s ethnic landscape
Ethnic consumer insights, and
– Examples of successful strategies and integrated marketing campaigns

2018 Ethnic Summit Webinar Partners


Sorry, we missed you at our Ethnic Summit Webinar!!

The CANADIAN ethnic marketplace is growing daily with over 300,000 newcomers each year!! At Maple Diversity Communications, we want to arm you with the proper insights and work with you to develop your ethnic strategy and campaigns.

If you’d like a copy of the webinar presentation or a free consultation of the ethnic opportunities in your industry, do let us know so that we can share more tailored research, insights and case studies with you.

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