The South Asian & Chinese festivals of DIWALI & CHINESE NEWYEAR, are the largest ethnic celebrations in Canada, that offer brands a fantastic opportunity, to establish a brand connect that resonates positively, provided it is done correctly keeping in mind the sensitivities and cultural nuances that exist.

 It is now a known fact, backed by solid research, that Canadian immigration, is presently driven by ethnic audiences, with 50% being categorized as South Asian & Chinese. These groups have not only grown in numbers over the years, in many cases up to 50% of the population in their cities of residence, as can be seen in the Greater Toronto Area & Greater Vancouver Area but have also emerged as higher spending groups seen in the Canadian national average household spend.


It may interest you to know, that a large portion of the 100 billion dollars, annually spent on retail by this segment, which makes up 10% of the overall Canadian population and 50% of the ethnic universe, is generated around these festivities listed below:

  • DIWALI – Oct 2016 – Festival of lights and the biggest celebration for the South Asians.
  • HOLIDAYS – Dec 2016 – Gifting and buying time even for South Asians & Chinese.
  • CHINESE NEW YEAR – Jan 2017 – Biggest celebration for the Chinese

Ethnic Marketing, albeit evolving, is here to stay. It is slowly receiving the importance it deserves and is being incorporated as part of long term brand marketing strategy.  Marketers, are now looking at incorporating a mix of English and in-language advertising, in their media campaigns, as well as looking out for innovative opportunities, to engage meaningfully, with this segment. Ethnic spend, Ethnic media consumption and Ethnic media are experiencing growth and hence becomes an area of focus that cannot be ignored or sidelined anymore.

Maple Diversity Communications, is an award winning, leading full service, ethnic marketing agency based in Mississauga. We’ve been adding value to the ethnic marketing initiatives of tier one Canadian brands such as BELL CANADA, VIRGIN MOBILE, NESTLE, GENERAL MILLS, ROYALE TIGER, PAYPAL, GOODLIFE FITNESS, HUMBER, PANASONIC, SONY, CANADIAN TIRE, EDWARD JONES, to name a fewBELL CANADA & CANADIAN TIRE are brands that feature in 2016 Canada’s most valuable list, published recently, indeed a pride and privilege for MDC.

Some of our work, developed and executed for Quality Street (Nestle), Neutrogena & Aveeno (Johnson & Johnson), FRAM-Fresh Breeze (Canadian Tire) and most recently as of August 2016, Royale Tiger, Edward Jones, has won 20 prestigious awards for creative excellence and business effectiveness in the Multicultural category across advertising platforms i.e. TV/PRINT/RADIO/PR/DIGITAL/EVENTS.

Be it a simple adaptation of your main stream advertising creative or an original concept covering the whole nine yards of ethnic media, communication and engagement, we feel confident, we can help deliver a positive ROI, with your advertising dollars, when targeting ethnic consumers.

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