E-Commerce and Retail Shopper Marketing Strategy 

There is no such thing as a simpleone-size-fits-all strategy in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Brands need to understand their multicultural consumer’s online behaviour and utilize that knowledge to connect with them along specific touchpoints in their shopper journey.

Shopper marketing focuses on the customer’s entire journey along their path-to-purchase – From awareness, consideration, conversion at both e-commerce and retail levels. The objective is to get their attention, inspire them, and appeal to their needs up to the moment they are considering making a purchase.

We partner with a vast variety of retailers across Canada to engage and to connect their multicultural audiences at every level. Our deep understanding and ability to precisely target allow us to seamlessly integrate into these spaces and help our clients penetrate and lift sales. We have exclusive partnerships with Canada’s top retailers, including e-commerce channels to drive trials and purchases from multicultural consumers. We help brands connect and engage with this audience at the retail level.

We specialize in:

  • Consumer Research
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Shopper Marketing Strategy
  • E-Commerce and Social Strategies
  • E-Commerce and Retail Partnerships
  • In-Store Displays and Promotions

Want to expand awareness and consideration throughout your multicultural consumer journey? Reach out to set up a time to chat about what we can do for your brand.