As the nights light up with diyas and string lights, South Asian Canadians revel in the happiness of their biggest festival, Diwali. Mithai (traditional sweets), new clothes, festive accessories, Diwali décor, all these take centerstage as homes are cleaned from top to bottom to welcome prosperity and joy.  

South Asians are the fastest-growing multicultural consumer group in the country. They are closely connected to their traditions, even as they acculturate to the Canadian way of life. Festivals like Diwali are important moments where traditions are celebrated and passed down to the next generation, as families get together with loved ones in Canada and back home. 

South Asian families tend to be multigenerational and larger in size. During festivals like Diwali, spending increases on groceries, clothes, gifts, as well as big-ticket items for the house, as this is an auspicious time to buy for the home. It is important for brands to take part in this celebration with wishes and offers, to be inclusive, increase awareness, and resonate with their consumers.

The Diwali Glow of Happiness for Customers

As a marketer, it is important to embrace the message and nuances of Diwali with your brand promise. This helps show your ethnic customers that you understand their festival and what it stands for. Diwali celebrates the victory of good, and the move from darkness to light. Symbols, motifs, and in-language messaging, add beauty, authenticity, and credibility to your communication. 

Here are some campaigns we helped our clients create to celebrate Diwali with their South Asian customers.

ROYALE Diwali: Planet-friendly

ROYALE celebrated Diwali with its new paper packaging, which worked well with the festival’s overarching message of ‘the victory of good’. The brand wished customers a ‘planet-friendly Diwali’ and had a celebratory offer on their plastic-free packs. Inside were the same high-quality products customers love. ROYALE used intricate diya cutouts on earthy brown paper to tell the story of a happy earth, and wish customers a Happy Diwali through TV, video streaming, digital banners, social media, radio spots and influencers. 

Royale Diwali Celebration

Neutrogena Diwali: Celebrating Customers

Neutrogena celebrated Diwali by celebrating its customers. It encouraged them to ‘Celebrate the light in you’, by highlighting the brand promise of new Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair 20% Vitamin C Serum for smoother, glowing skin. Festive digital banners and social media recreated Diwali motifs like the Diya flame, toran garlands, and fireworks, using the distinctive serum capsules to connect the brand with the festival. 

Neutrogena Diwali Celebration

CO-OP Diwali: Gifts of Joy 

Gifting is a very important part of Diwali as celebrants share their festive happiness with each other. It’s tradition to exchange vibrant Diwali gift boxes filled with dry fruits, nuts, mithai (traditional sweets), etc. with family and friends. CO-OP’s digital banners and social media celebrated the light of Diwali with gifts of joy – offers, savings and value on their range of festive food selection in-store.   

CO-OP Diwali Celebration

SkinCeuticals Diwali: Science & Celebrations 

Medical skincare brand SkinCeuticals brought science to the celebrations with its Discoloration Defense Serum. As customers prepared for the festival, the brand helped vanquish dark spots and post-blemish marks and protect against discoloration. Diwali digital and social media banners in English and Hinglish, visually merged science with traditional motifs of Diwali to educate and resonate. 

Fruit of the Loom Diwali: Gifting Comfort 

South Asians love to look their festive best during Diwali. Most celebrate with new clothes for themselves and their families. Fruit of the Loom helped them gift their loved ones everyday comfort with their high-quality products and Best Fit Guarantee. The Company’s Diwali banners and carousels on social media offered a selection of products for the entire family. 

Fruit of the Loom Diwali Celebration

Glentel Diwali: Wishing with Savings 

Glentel celebrated by helping customers wish everyone a Happy Diwali. They had a festive $50 offer on new activations. Beautiful colourful rangoli designs and diyas added to the vibrant, celebratory feel of the digital banners, landing page, DVC, print and social. Influencers and radio were also used to promote the Diwali offer. 

Tbooth wireless Diwali Celebration
WirelessWave Diwali Celebration

We wish you all a very happy Diwali from the Maple Diversity family.
This Diwali may we all spread the light, by being the light.