As you begin to read this blog, take a quick scan around the room. It could be that you are reading this in the comfort of your home or at work, but it is more likely that you are accessing this on a mobile device while on the go.

The World Wide Web has been around for a whopping 26 years; Facebook for 11 and the iPhone for around 8! Not only has their lasting and ever-evolving presence enabled users to stay constantly connected with loved ones, it has also opened up a whole new universe to how users consume information. The days of tuning into a channel to watch the news or your favorite TV show daily are slowly dying out. Largely thanks to online streaming and Personal Video Recorders (PVRs). Ethnic consumers (both Asian and South Asian) are no different; they’re turning towards online platforms to consume more in-language entertainment and news. Understanding this behavior is key in determining how best to reach out to these multicultural consumers in a way that builds a lasting impression and brand awareness.

There were days when attempting to price match at a store meant carrying flyers upon flyers to get deals on virtually everything in one’s shopping cart. There was also a time when consumers would mail in their order request from a print catalogue and wait a decent amount of time for their package to arrive. Today’s ethnic consumers are mobile-first; in fact, within the digital landscape, mobile is the fastest growing and most promising platform. Shoppers want their information when they want it and dictate how they want it. The rise of smartphones and user-friendly apps (yes, there is an app for practically everything) enables ethnic shoppers to make well-informed, smart purchases within a couple swipes and taps. Apps like Flipp have eliminated the need to look at a flyer ever again while other kinds of technology enable brands to interact better with their customers through geo-targeted messaging. Other applications such as WeChat and other social media platforms have become so popular with Asian Canadian consumers that advertising space on there has become prime real estate.

Despite the growing rate of digital consumption by ethnic consumers, multicultural marketing remains a low-priority category to most marketers. In stark contrast, cultural diversity in Canada is well-recognized, and we see that every day on the employment front. 20.1% of the Canadian population is made up of new immigrants from various ethnicities who show a high rate of multichannel media consumption. Brands that have identified this void of conversation between ethnic consumers and their products are reaping the rewards.

With a proven track record of reaching out to ethnic consumers through valued insights, comprehensive digital strategies and a robust execution team, Maple Diversity Communications is a one-stop shop for marketers looking to connect with these ethnic markets and organically grow their consumer base.

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