Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is the largest and most important festival that is not only celebrated in Chinese community but also a lot of East Asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia. In Canada about 5% of the population is Chinese, making it one of the largest ethnic groups to exist in the country. Chinese New Year is increasingly recognized in Canada in honour of the ever-increasing Chinese community who consider Canada their home yet would like to stay in touch with their native cultural traditions. This increase in National recognition creates an opportunity for brands to culturally connect with Chinese Canadian consumers.

In China ads are heavily influenced by the culture and traditions. Some of the popular cultural beliefs include the number 8 which is considered ‘lucky’. The number ‘eight’ and the pronunciation of the word for “prosperity” in Chinese are very similar. The number 4, on the other hand, is considered to be very unlucky as the pronunciation is similar to the word for “death”. 4 is a number is particularly avoided for vehicles and houses. The colour red is considered lucky, and a sign of fortune, the colour white however is the colour of funerals. Chinese love celebrating Chinese New Year in their own special way and ads that connect in an emotive way are the ones that will succeed.

In the past, many brands have participated in making specific campaigns during Chinese New Year to attract a diverse target group towards their brand. Some include:


For Chinese New Year, Porsche celebrates each year by developing themed packages for dealers if they want to opt in to celebrate and hold an event at any of their locations. Last year to honour the year of the pig a national campaign was created, inspired by the historically famous Porsche ‘Pink Pig’ and featured in-language livery wraps to promote the pre-sale of the redesigned Porsche Cayenne.



With the launch of Royale’s WeChat account just in time for Chinese New Year to celebrate as well as build followers Royale is offering a chance to win a year’s supply or Royale products simply by following Royale on WeChat.


Glentel who owns WIRELESSWAVE and TBooth Wireless stores created a special promotion for Chinese New Year. The offer is up to $488 (88 being very lucky) when you trade in your old phone for a new one.

At Maple Diversity Communications, we help brands develop campaigns that respectfully appeal to ethnic groups to create a genuine connection for a lasting impression. If you are looking to connect your brand to your ethnic consumers contact us and we would be happy to help.