October is here! As the days become cooler and the leaves start to change colour, it’s time to prepare for the Mid-Autumn festival. Celebrated by Chinese Canadians with family and friends, it is the second most important festival after Chinese New Year.

In Chinese culture, the full moon symbolizes reunion. As the yellow moon lights up the night, families gather together for reunion dinners and moon watching. It is a time for thankfulness, moon cakes, lanterns, and folk tales of the moon rabbit and the lady on the moon.

This is the perfect time for brands to be part of the celebrations with wishes and gifts for the community. ROYALE’s Mid-Autumn festival creative showcases the symbolic yellow full moon, and a traditional origami rabbit lantern with the distinctive imprint of the ROYALE® Tiger Towel®. A festival coupon adds to their wishes of celebration and savings for the home, through web banners, print inserts, and WeChat, the most popular social platform for the Canadian Chinese audience.

The Mid-Autumn festival is even more meaningful this year, with many extended families and friends not able to meet, in order to stay healthy and safe. The theme of family reunion and togetherness however still resonates, as families look up at the full Mid-Autumn moon, from wherever they are.

Royale - WeChat Mid-Autumn Header