Greetings ! We’ve been seeing high interest from brand marketers in Canada wanting to venture into the ethnic marketing space and have started encouraging them to undertake cost effective campaigns. The objective would be to test strategy, gauge reach and results and integrate learnings into your 2017 marketing initiatives…. sounds interesting, doesn’t it??  Chinese New [...]

Slam Dunk in the 6

It's finally here and the excitement levels are going through the roof! I can't wait for the 14th! No, I'm not talking about Valentine's Day... sure it's that as well but what I'm referring to is the 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend. It only took 65 years for this to finally take place in Toronto and [...]

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A MILLENNIAL’S POINT OF VIEW – How Grassroots Events Work

Flash mobs are so 2009. Have you seen a branded vending machine offering free products in exchange for an email address? Have you been approached by aspirational radiant-skin women handing out free beauty samples? Have you received free coupons in exchange for a smile and some personal information? Have you been encouraged to Tweet, Facebook, [...]

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A MILLENNIAL’S POINT OF VIEW – The Evolution of Brand Loyalty – 1

Brand loyalty, like most other things in today's age has gone through a major evolution. In fact, one may debate that it no longer exists in its true form. No longer is brand loyalty solely based on a moving, memorable commercial, a bunch of coupons and a points-based loyalty program. Case in point: Millennials. Sure, [...]

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Insights: Ethnic Consumers’ Path to Purchase

Curious about the distribution of various ethnic segments across Canada? Did you know that 92% of newcomers to Canada use online media to make key banking decisions? Find out more about these useful statistics and the ethnic consumers' path to purchase and how you can better reach them using our infographic below. Interested in learning [...]

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Ethnic Consumers’ Spending Habits: The Holiday Edition

Did someone say Holiday Deals? The holidays are not that far away and consumers are already planning their shopping trips and gearing up for the year's biggest shopping season. It all kicks off with Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, followed by the Holiday Spending Spree and, of course, Boxing Day. Last year, Alibaba sold [...]

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