Multicultural Holidays

Spice up your Thanksgiving with the flavours of the world

Thankfulness embraces all the ethnicities who call Canada home. We all feel gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy in our beautiful country. As Canada becomes more and more multicultural, the celebration of Thanksgiving has evolved to include many international flavours and tastes that make this October get-together even more vibrant and special. Celebrated on [...]

Through the lens of a South Asian Newcomer

Settling in a new country is an exciting and life-changing event filled with new experiences, discoveries, and challenges. Even if we are eager to adapt to our new environment, it’s only natural to miss certain aspects of our home country. South Asia and Canada are not only at opposite ends of the planet, but they [...]

Leveraging the Big Fat Indo-Canadian Wedding

In recent years, the Indian wedding business has boomed to about 10 times the Canadian average.  Are you missing out on this growing trend? While the average Canadian might spend $30,000 on a wedding, Indian families routinely invest $300,000 to $400,000 for a days-long affair that includes several events. The Indian Wedding – a Generous [...]

Gain insights through ethnic research & integrate into your 2017 campaigns!

Greetings!!! Integrating insights from research on an ongoing basis helps us deliver better ROI’s on client campaigns.  Gaining & leveraging key Information on ethnic consumer behavior, brand perception, preferences, media consumption and spending habits, cultural nuances, prove extremely valuable for creating messaging and engagement that resonates positively for the brand. Maple Diversity has been facilitating [...]

Thank You For Your Support!

Greetings! I completed six months at Maple Diversity Communications recently. It’s been a great run so far, during which with god’s grace, 6 new client relationships have been started - (Brookfield Residential – AB), (KAL TIRE -BC), (Hudson’s Bay Company –ON), (Redpath Sugar - ON), (Shoppers Drug Mart -ON), (Smart Wheel Canada – ON).   These relationships have been across [...]

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Greetings ! We’ve been seeing high interest from brand marketers in Canada wanting to venture into the ethnic marketing space and have started encouraging them to undertake cost effective campaigns. The objective would be to test strategy, gauge reach and results and integrate learnings into your 2017 marketing initiatives…. sounds interesting, doesn’t it??  Chinese New [...]


Hello Brand Marketers!  DEEWA 2016, a Maple Diversity Foundation event, now in its second year, takes place during the Diwali weekend of (Oct 29/30), which is the biggest celebration for South Asians. This is a very well received event which has seen a footfall of approx. 15000 patrons last year. It takes place at a popular venue in [...]

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Greetings!!! The South Asian & Chinese festivals of DIWALI & CHINESE NEWYEAR, are the largest ethnic celebrations in Canada, that offer brands a fantastic opportunity, to establish a brand connect that resonates positively, provided it is done correctly keeping in mind the sensitivities and cultural nuances that exist.  It is now a known fact, [...]

Chinese New Year 2016: A guide for Canadian Multicultural Marketers

INTRODUCTION: On February 8, 2016 Chinese Canadians will celebrate their New Year's holiday. The New Year's holiday is the most important event within the Chinese community - it's like Christmas and Thanksgiving combined. Here's what you need to know about it and some idea starters on where your brand could fit in commercially. How big [...]

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