Chinese New Year

How you can nail Experiential Marketing ?

If you’re out grocery shopping on the weekend, chances are you will be ambushed by several cheery product demonstrators inviting you to sample their wares. That’s experiential marketing in its most basic form. So essentially, experiential marketing aka engagement marketing connects consumers to experience a brand up, close and personal. Remember Red Bull’s Stratos Jump? [...]


Greetings ! We’ve been seeing high interest from brand marketers in Canada wanting to venture into the ethnic marketing space and have started encouraging them to undertake cost effective campaigns. The objective would be to test strategy, gauge reach and results and integrate learnings into your 2017 marketing initiatives…. sounds interesting, doesn’t it??  Chinese New [...]


Greetings!!! The South Asian & Chinese festivals of DIWALI & CHINESE NEWYEAR, are the largest ethnic celebrations in Canada, that offer brands a fantastic opportunity, to establish a brand connect that resonates positively, provided it is done correctly keeping in mind the sensitivities and cultural nuances that exist.  It is now a known fact, [...]

Weekend in Review: Chinese New Year Festivities

This past weekend MD Foundation had the pleasure of kicking off Chinese New Year celebrations at First Markham Place (and what a celebration it was indeed!) The two-day event saw everything from great entertainment to free giveaways to food sampling to face-painting and more. We had over ten thousand people attend the event over January [...]

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5 Important Facts You Should Know About Festival-Based Marketing

The festive season is here. Various brands plan for and achieve an uplift of sales for their products around Diwali, Christmas, and Chinese New Year. Like Christmas, many ethnic festivals are major buying time for various cultural groups in Canada. Before planning a festival based campaign, a brand must consider these facts: 1) Products that [...]

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Chinese New Year 2016: A guide for Canadian Multicultural Marketers

INTRODUCTION: On February 8, 2016 Chinese Canadians will celebrate their New Year's holiday. The New Year's holiday is the most important event within the Chinese community - it's like Christmas and Thanksgiving combined. Here's what you need to know about it and some idea starters on where your brand could fit in commercially. How big [...]

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