Edward Jones has a simple philosophy – put the power of personal attention to work for you. This North American giant financial firm has believed in supporting the relationship between its customers and Edward Jones advisors that has shaped nearly every aspect of its business over these years.

Not a surprise that J. D. Power and Associates has awarded Edward Jones with “Highest in Investor Satisfaction” for three years in a row in Canada.

A South Asian Way of Life

To engage the Canadian South Asians, with the help of its multicultural agency Maple Diversity, Edward Jones came up with an approach to determine the unique goals of South Asian families to develop tailored financial strategies to help them reach their long-term financial goals.

By and large, South Asians are an emotions-driven community where family occupies a central focal position in all decisions made, whether the future of children or the importance of a worry-free retirement life and very importantly, the celebration of important occasions and festivals together.

Ashramas (Stages of Life) and Financial Planning

Ancient Indian philosophy has stressed upon the importance of Ashramas (stages of life) in one’s life. These stages of life still hold true in the lives of the majority of South Asians. Out of 4 Ashramas of life, first one is Brahmacharya (Student stage), followed by Grihastha (Family stage). Last two stages of life are Vanaprastha (Hermit stage; can be considered the retirement stage in the modern context) and Sannyasa (Ascetic Stage).

Children’s education is a priority for all South Asian parents. As they say at Edward Jones, a smart education savings strategy will “make the grade.” In fact, the future of the next generation has been cited as one of the most important reasons for choosing Canada as the new home by the immigrant families from South Asian countries, similar to those coming from other Asian regions.


It’s a well-known fact that children’s marriages are not only joyous occasions in South Asian families, they also call for some astute financial planning.


Last but not the least, proper and timely financial planning for the retirement gives the much-desired freedom after regular pay checks stop coming. Nothing is more satisfying for South Asian grandparents but to spend quality time with their grandchildren and continue to contribute meaningfully to their lives.


Edward Jones also launched a campaign landing page with appropriate creative and messaging. A dedicated landing page was the right approach to support a robust online media plan that Maple Diversity developed, which included North American as well India-based popular websites, all geo-targeted to Canadian IPs only.


At the same time, realizing the importance of taking the brand to the community at the grass-rooted level, Edward Jones also included “Deewa, The Festival of Lights” event within the overall plan to reach the largest ethnic segment in Canada.


Being a part of important life stages including festivities and celebrations was a chosen strategy for this campaign. Check out our work page at /edward-jones

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